A native of Orange County, Torrey founded his first startup as a high school sophomore, OC Film Productions, focused on dynamic visual real estate marketing. During film school at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Torrey’s second company was born, OC Creative Media, where he refined his aptitude for storytelling through event videography and custom commercials. In 2010, the agency was rebranded as Sparkhouse Media (thesparkhouse.com), today an acclaimed and unstoppable force in high-concept, branded video production that creates impactful spots for big fish like Jacuzzi® and USAA®/NFL.

As CEO, Torrey guides Sparkhouse Media with groundbreaking campaigns that have earned ADDY and TELLY awards and garnered nominations for Orange County Business Journal’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship three years running. His team’s bold design and flawless execution have won the respect of national and international clients, and his intuitive grasp of the digital world and ability to translate ideas into compelling media make Sparkhouse the total package. He’s a natural at networking, attributing the lion’s share of his success simply to “paying attention to people.” In his role as president of the nonprofit Ad 2 OC, Torrey mentors young advertising and design professionals during events that foster education, professional growth, and collaboration over competition.

A serial entrepreneur, Torrey continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a visual and digital pioneer. Fueled by a strong desire to pay it forward, Torrey has his hands in a wide range of pursuits — environmental, technological, medical, and charitable — that prevent him from being pigeonholed. At any given time, he may play the role of inventor, producer, or promoter, designing and developing projects he believes have the potential to change the world in their own way. As the success of his creative ventures continues to rise, Torrey has become a sought-after consultant and speaker, devoting countless hours to helping others bridge the gap between dreaming and doing by sharing his strategies for startup success and creative resourcing.



A volunteer marketing hub to help nonprofits take off and become success stories. more

 Created as an annual event hosted by Sparkhouse Media, Forge 54’s exponential growth has allowed it to reach its own 501(c)(3) status. In a 54-hour weekend, 50+ professionals and students volunteer their time to develop comprehensive marketing, advertising, and media campaigns for a deserving nonprofit each year.

After noticing that many nonprofits in the Orange County area needed rebranding and other marketing strategies but didn’t have the budget, Torrey recruited a group of friends and colleagues to donate marketing services in a “hackathon” format, where they put their heads together for 54 hours straight to build a dynamic and creative campaign. During Forge 54’s first year, around 40 participants produced $160K worth of services for the Orange County Food Bank. In its second year, more than 80 volunteers created over $300K in services for the So Cal chapter of Playworks, the only nonprofit in the country that provides trained, recess-focused coaches to hundreds of low-income schools in major urban areas.


A breakthrough in mosquito-fighting technology produces a wearable patch that could prevent mosquito-borne diseases in the U.S. and abroad. more

As co-creator and creative lead for the wearable mosquito-deterrent Kite Patch, Torrey spearheaded a successful Indiegogo campaign for beta testing in Uganda, raising over $500K in just 45 days, and guides the cooperative effort to develop and market the vanguard mosquito-fighting technology. Torrey and team also instituted the model of donating a Kite Patch to people in areas affected by mosquito-borne disease every time one is sold in the U.S. or Europe. Kite Patch works by emitting odors that mask the scent of the carbon dioxide the wearer emits, essentially disabling a mosquito’s ability to locate a target.


The world’s first smart shower saves water without compromising your shower experience. more

Eva Smart Shower uses engineered features — temperature shutoff, over-use timer, and a proximity sensor system — to conserve up to 50% of typical water usage (9.5 gallons on average) without leaving the user high and dry. Torrey led the Eva team in successfully hitting a $50K goal on Indiegogo, where contributors have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Controlled at the touch of a button on your smartphone app, Eva can be calibrated to fit different showers, showerheads, and user preferences. Users can track and compare water usage, habits, and savings, and get valuable information to help them conserve even more. The crowdfunding campaign is currently in effect—the first batch of Eva Smart Showers is expected to ship in December 2015, and $5 per shower is donated to local water conservation organizations for buyers who live in areas of need.

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